“The very least you can do with your life is to figure out what to hope for. and the most you can do is to live inside that hope. Not admire it from a distance but life right in it, under its roof.”

GRE has restored my faith in Luck.

GRE sometimes adds an extra section – an experimental section to your test, this does not count towards your score. But you have no way of knowing which section is the experimental one, so you have to do everything sincerely. I was dreading the idea of getting an extra quantitative or verbal section, I was in no mood to read another bunch of essays or do any more math than was essential.

Luckily for me, on my test, the experimental section was identified ‘The next section is experimental – but if you do it sincerely you stand to receive such and such a gift from ETS’ It was actually funny. To add to my good fortune the last section just involved writing. It was neither math nor verbal, which was fabulous. So I returned ETS the favor and did the experimental section with complete sincerity.

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  1. really? i just got back from taking the test and, after sucking it up on the second math section and hoping it was the “experimental one,” the proctor told me that all of the sections count now. i was bummed because i basically gave up on the last section (due to being braindead) and left the last 5 blank.

  2. Youre repeatedly told not to presume any section to be experimental unless its is specifically mentioned.
    As far as I know the proctor has no way of knowing anything. You can’t say which of the sections were experiemental unless it is explicitly mentioned in the test, and only you see that, not the proctor.
    You can only come to know which section counted towards your test when you see your results in the online GRE diagnostic service.

  3. Extremely Troubled said:

    This whole experimental section is extremely confusing. I entered the last section of my GRE where upon ETS told me that my last verbal section was experimental. I was very excited because to me this meant I could dismiss this section and go home early. However, after receiving my results I found that my verbal score was the lowest that it had ever been after all my preparation. I can’t help but wonder if my low score was due to not completing the last section of the exam. Of course my low score could have resulted from nerves but moral of the story is: complete ALL sections of the exam (even if ETS tells you it’s experimental) because you don’t want to obsess over whether or not you should have completed it later and how it could have effected your score – like me. If anyone knows whether this could have impacted one’s score, please feel free to provide some input!

    • I know that this is an old post, but I have been searching the net for someone in the saem situation as me- looks like I found you! I just recieved my scores back, an I am a comparative lit major (writing is something that I always do well on and have a lot of practice in) and I am in the 16th percentile for te analytical writing…even though I felt great about the topics and was expecting to do really well. Anyway, lik eyou I had a section identified as “experimental” and it was an essay, I was so tired I basically blew it off. Now trying to figure out some course of action to find out if this section is responsible for my incredibly low score…..can I ask what you ended up doing? I mean, I know you can request a detailed grade of your essays. I just don’t have time to retake the test as I’ve already finished applying to a WRITING graduate prgram and have no idea what to do now…..

  4. Will have to take again to confirm, but i just took it (5/29/09) and the last section was identified as the ‘Experimental Section,’ along with a page on how it was for testing purposes, could win some money if you did well, and that it did NOT count towards my score. Nonetheless, i got lower than i anticipated, but have no comparison and will report back when I have taken 5 sections.

  5. The experimental section is, IMHO, a form of forced labor: by doing that section, you are
    providing ETS with prime-quality data, without being paid for it. Consider the equivalent
    in any other context, and it will reveal itself for what it is: exploitation by ETS.

  6. Hey guys according to this page http://www.brightlinkprep.com/gre-experimental-section/ the GRE experimental seciton is not adaptive and it is generally more like the difficult section on the GRE….is this true?

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